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Publicēts: 30.04.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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MCC Smart has also to improve its salesforce by running a training policy where the product and the corporate culture has to be transmit.
·At the beginning, the price was expected to be less expensive but finally because of the characteristics of the car the price increased.
·The MCC SMART brand started with only one model, now offers to customers the possibility to choose between several models, so it is a new opportunity to attract people from different segments.
·They had to change the distribution channel selling the product in the Mercedes outlets to cut costs and to use its experimented salesforce.
·The Smart is possible to buy by Internet and can transform a basic net surfer into a potential buyer who can design its own car by choosing colours, accessories and options.
The Smart car is not possible to put in the same segment like; Seat Arosa, Volkswagen Lupo, ... because it ;has different characteristics like easy to park, low consumption and ... its size. The SMAR still expensive has to face with a market where customers needs are a priority.
MCC SMART has to develop and expend its business portfolio to reach specific segments. In this point of view the firm is starting to build cars for firms who need a small car for the everyday business. They planned to offer tax reductions with this model which will probably named SMART BUSINESS.
An other important aspect of the MCC Smart's strategy is the globalisation. MCC wants to expand worldwide, and the US market entry is planned for 2005. But is the size of the car adapted for such consumers?
As conclusion we can say that MCC in the past met some problems but is still there. According our expectations, if the strategy is to enlarge the products portfolio, the SMART car can be view as a whole market, like the SUV or 4 Wheels market.

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