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A Case Study into Socomec Ltd
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Publicēts: 07.12.2003.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Socomec Ltd need to implement a system of feedback to monitor performance and morale through methods other than turnover.
These methods should provide clear, precise and constructive feedback and criticism where necessary. I would suggest that some time be set aside once a month to give each engineer an opportunity to talk about successes and difficulties encountered. This will allow the manager to give praise/recognition of achievements when due.
It must never be assumed that a 'carte blanche' system of rewards can be implemented for the team as a whole.
With the recommendations, we have tried to satisfy Maslow's lower order needs, as expressed in the interviews, by suggesting a better basic salary and removing the PRP system. However we have tried to create a greater 'valence' and therefore desire to exert extra effort by introducing a clear grading system with clear statement of criteria that provide a true salary increase, not a one-off payment.
There are many factors that can affect motivation - by implementing the above, we believe the situation will greatly improve.
However this should not be an isolated enquiry and should be carried out a regular basis to monitor improvements and submit further recommendations.

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