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  • Comparison of Life – Death and Earth - Universe Display in Emily Bronté’s and Thomas Hardy’s Poetry


    Diplomdarbs46 Literatūra

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Publicēts: 03.02.2009.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 13 vienības
Atsauces: Ir
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  Introduction    1
1.  Biography of Emily Bronté    4
2.  Biography of Thomas Hardy    6
3.  Characterization of the poetry of Emily Bronté and Thomas Hardy    8
4.  Literary movements and social activities of the time of Emily Bronté and Thomas Hardy    11
4.1.  Romanticism    11
4.2.  Realism    13
4.3.  Literature of the Victorian Age    14
4.4.  Modernism    17
5.  Critics on novels of Emily Bronté and Thomas Hardy    19
6.  Life and death    23
6.1.  The basic attitude towards the world    23
6.2.  Attitude towards the death    27
6.3.  Attitude towards the death related issues    30
6.3.1.  Cemetery    30
6.3.2.  Funeral    31
7.1.  Attitude towards the universe    34
7.2.  Attitude towards God    36
7.3.  Heart versus the world    41
  Conclusions    47
  Theses    49
  Bibliography    50
Darba fragmentsAizvērt


The Bachelor thesis “Comparison of Life- Death and Earth- Universe Display in Emily Bronté’s and Thomas Hardy’s Poetry” is an insight into a specific and rather philosophical side of both authors’ poetry. The paper deals with the appearance and oppositions of the particular themes in the poems of these authors as well as offers analysis of the most characteristic differences in attitude and perception towards the subject. In order to ensure a sequential and more comprehensive survey, the Bachelor thesis includes biographical facts and general particularities of the poetry of E. Bronté and T. Hardy. The theoretical part of the paper also includes information about the literary movements and the main social activities of that time and characterization and comparison of E. Bronté’s “Wuthering Heights” and T. Hardy’s novels. The comparison of the respective themes- life-death and earth- universe are analyzed from a general, philosophical and to issue related aspects. Analysis includes illustrative examples from the poetry of both authors.


Literature and poetry in particular could be described as an art that clothes the most daring and deep thoughts into proverbial images. Poetry can be an endless monologue with oneself, an inexhaustible dialogue between the writer and the reader, as well as an emotional and sensual communications among many.

The idea of the Bachelor paper “Comparison of Life – Death and Earth- Universe display in Emily Bronté’s and Thomas Hardy’s Poetry” appealed to me as I dealt with these two authors before some time. Although I found their styles of writing very different, the play of the above mentioned ‘opposites’ seemed very linking for both of them and binding to me personally. On the whole there were two reasons why I decided to write my Bachelor paper on this particular subject; I wanted to compare thoughts, view points and opinions of the same themes but viewed from different angles and the other- I wanted to use this opportunity to make this analysis especially in the field of literature and poetry in particular. The choice was grounded on the fact that nowadays when our industrial society seems to be overwhelmed with responsibilities, duties, and ways of creating and solving problems, we desperately need a moment to draw our breath. Poetry gives us the possibility to think and to question ourselves about the important values of life, be it on earth, under it or above it, no matter how dismal, abstractive or over-important on the first sight it might seem, it makes us think about the basic and essential processes of our lives.

My particular aim in writing this Bachelor paper was to examine the poetry of E. Bronté and T. Hardy and to show the comparison of life versus death and earth versus universe display their poems.

In order to achieve the goal of my Bachelor paper I will:
• read and sum up the biographic facts and poetry characteristics of the authors in order to get acquainted with their personalities;
• collect an information for the theoretical part of the work, including literary movements and information on social activities covering the life period of both authors;
• read and collect critics on E. Brone’s novel “Weathering Heights” and T. Hardy’s novels;
• read and analyze the poetry of E. Bronté and T. Hardy;
• look for the themes- life and death, earth and universe- revealed in the poems of both authors;
• sum up and compare the ways of appearance of the related theme in the poetry of Emily Bronté and Thomas Hardy;
• draw relevant conclusions.

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