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Publicēts: 13.08.2015.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 35 vienības
Atsauces: Ir
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  Introduction    6
1.  Origins of language    9
2.  Varieties within a language    11
2.1.  Dialects    11
2.2.  Language Register    11
2.3.  Idiolects    12
3.  What is slang    14
3.1.  Origin and Definition    14
3.2.  Types of Slang    15
4.  The Functions of Slang Terms    16
5.  The use of slang    17
6.  Slang in the United States of America    20
6.1.  The First Sources of Slang    20
6.2.  The Change of Attitude towards Slang    21
6.3.  New Sources of Slang    22
7.  The Youth Language    24
8.  Youth Slang    26
8.1.  Characteristics of Youth Slang    26
8.2.  Youth Slang across Subcultures    27
9.  The analysis of semantic fields in American youth slang: an outline    28
9.1.  The Choice of the Research Object    28
9.2.  Sources of the Research    28
9.3.  The Methods and Process of the Research    30
10.  The analysis of semantic fields in American youth slang    32
10.1.  Illegal Substances and the Condition of being intoxicated    32
10.2.  Description of human personality    34
10.3.  Social interactions    38
10.4.  Action and movement    39
10.5.  Human relationships    41
10.6.  Other Semantic Fields    42
  Conclusion    54
  References    55
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

Having done the research and written the paper “American Youth Slang”, the author has come to the following conclusions.
American Youth Slang is an extremely perspective theme for research. The usage of slang has changed throughout time and is now used because it eases the language and helps to express thoughts in a more concise way. It plays an important role in the modern society.
In this paper the author has summarized the results of his study in American Youth Slang and the relevant sources (American teenage movies) and has presented the results of the analysis of examples of American Slang words that are used by teenagers. A total of 245 slang words have been collected (appendix1) and arranged in semantic fields (appendix 2). 16% of slang words are in the semantic field illegal substances, 15% description of human personality, 8% social interactions, 7% action and movement, 7% human relationships, 6% interjection, 6% friends and family, 6% leisure activities, 5% human appearance, 5% feeling of discomfort, 4% transport, 4% greeting/saying good bye, 4% interest or lack of it in opposite sex, 3% pleasant state of being, 2% illegal action, 1% amount, 1% meal, 1% jewelry, 1% gain/benefit.(appendix 3) The process of research into the theme has shown that the theme is highly topical, especially among pupils and students.
The positive feedback that the author can mention is that this research has helped to understand the rich world of language, that it can be viewed as a pyramid. There is a language, but it is then divided into standard and nonstandard, nonstandard language includes jargon, slang etc. This work also helped to understand that slang words hide a deeper meaning which is not always seen on the surface. The author has learned that many of the words that have been well known before are actually slang words, and are used simply to brief the words or to show belonging to a specific group.

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