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Publicēts: 13.01.2007.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
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The nature and objectives of the business.
Our main business area is paper products: toilet paper, napkins, kitchen towels, medical cellulose wadding, wet wipes, and handkerchiefs. In category wet wipes are these products: wet wipes for wooden surfaces, for glasses and mirrors, wet wipes for leather, universal, baby, antibacterial and make-up removal wet wipes. We will produce the goods that improve the quality of everybody life. Our products will give you affection, bliss and careful tendance. They are extremely soft and tender, even for the most sensitive skin. “My desire” is an ideal chose when you are looking for the highest quality under a reasonable price for every day use.
The main principle of our work is a high quality and reasonable prices on all kinds of goods. We strive for our goods to let you feel comfortable and confident in any situation.
The founders of this firm are Carina Shishko and Natalija Fatahova. Natalja Fatahova has relevant experience in marketing. However, Carina Shishko is skilled manager and great in communicating skills. We are studying at the University of Latvia at the moment.
“My desire” is a young firm, but very perspective. Kind of our company will be – Partnership. This company will be a group of professionals which rallied by one purpose, charged by ideas and capable to solve problems. Positive energy, search of new ideas in the decision of various questions, the best technologies and raw material are those factors which positively to develop our company. It is very important for our firm to win trust of consumers, therefore we make everything to expand assortment of qualitative production with made by our company. Process of production demands constant improvement, and as stimulus for this purpose serve the daily growing demand of consumers for our goods. …

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