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Publicēts: 02.04.2011.
Valoda: Latviešu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: Nav
Atsauces: Ir
Laikposms: 2009.g. - 2010.g.
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  Cultural analysis    5
1.  Introduction    5
2.  Relevant history    5
3.  Geographical Settings    6
  Climate    6
  Topography    6
4.  Social Institutions    7
  Family    7
  Education    7
  Political system    8
  Legal system    10
  Participation in patents, trademarks, and other conventions    11
  Social organizations    11
  Business customs and practices    12
5.  Religion and aesthetics    13
  Religion and other belief systems    13
  Aesthetics    14
6.  Living conditions    15
  Diet and nutrition    15
  Housing    16
  Clothing    16
  National dress    16
  Types of clothing worn at work    17
  Recreation, sports, and other leisure activities    17
  Social security    17
  Health care    17
7.  Language    18
8.  Executive summary    18
  Economic analysis    19
1.  Introduction    19
2.  Population    20
  Distribution of population    20
3.  Economic statistics and activity    21
  Gross national product    21
  Average family income    21
  Minerals and resources    21
  Surface transportation    22
  Working conditions    22
  Principal industries    22
  Foreign investment    23
  International trade statistics    23
  Labor force    25
4.  Channels of distribution    26
5.  Media    27
6.  Executive summary    27
  Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis    28
1.  The Product    28
2.  The Market    28
  Competitor's product    29
  Market size    30
  Government participation in the marketplace    30
3.  Executive summary    30
  Marketing plan    31
1.  Company description    31
2.  Product description    31
3.  Marketing objectives    31
  Target markets    32
  Expected sales    32
  Market penetration and coverage    32
4.  Product adaptation or modification    32
  Core component    32
  Packaging component    32
5.  Promotion mix    33
  Advertising    33
  Sales promotions    34
  Objectives    34
6.  Distribution: From origin to destination    34
  Mode selection    34
  Packing    35
  Documentation required    36
7.  Channels of distribution (micro analysis)    36
  Retailers    36
  Wholesale middlemen    37
  Warehousing    37
8.  Price determination    38
  Transportation costs    38
  Customs duties    38
  Import taxes and value-added tax    38
  Retail price    38
9.  Terms of sale    38
9.  Methods of payment    39
10.  Marketing budget    39
11.  Resource requirements    39
  Ecexutive summary    39
  SUMMARY    40
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

Already fifteen years CIDO Group is a leading juice and soft drinks manufacturer in Latvian, and one of the largest in the Baltics. CIDO is a leader in the soft drink market in Latvian in all segments, as well as exports its products to 13 countries.
"CIDO group" produced "Mangaļi" is the first of three Latvian registered natural mineral water, and it meets the highest standards of quality. Therefore, the fact that this brand is the most popular, is largely viewed as a logical. As shown by research company "GfK CR Baltic" survey, "Mangaļi" declared the most popular natural mineral water in Latvia. It found 75% of respondents. Therefore, the company is interested in expanding the output to push these products to foreign markets, in this case, the French soft drink market. 1

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2. Relevant history

If we turn to the previous days, there were religious wars between different  forces: Protestants and Catholics. During this war the nations of Europe, such as English, German, and Spanish fought for power and recognition of their believe. Then this great war continued as the War of the Three Henrys, during which Henry de Guise was killed by Henry III. As Henry de Guise was the leader of Catholic league, his comrades assassinated Henry III in return. The next king, also Henry III, but of Navarre, and well-known as the king Henry IV, singed the Edict of Nantes (1598). And maybe it was not a long period between the new beginning of the religious conflict, that was continued by Cardinal de Richelieu, forcing to disarm the army of the Protestants in 1627.  
The other important problem in the life of France was the monarchy and all the questions, concerning the power. One of the most significant periods in the history of France is the Second Empire by Napoleon. During this time France became one of the most powerful countries in Europe. The successful colonial expansion to Asia and Africa was provided at this time. The influence of France in some regions of those places still remained. When the time of Napoleon ended, the monarchy was restored, but very soon overthrown again. …

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