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Publicēts: 08.03.2009.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Leonard Hawk [Len, Lennie] - eighteen-year-old, cocky Town schoolboy. He is as smart in school as talented in football, so a great future seems assured, but it is really hard to link up these two things. In addition this year is final in secondary school, so he will have exams and must have to choose his future- football or University- it is hard to decide.
Arthur Hawk- Len’s father. He has lost his job, so he can’t earn enough money to keep family house going. Sometimes likes to drink more than normal people do it. But he really loves his sun and is fascinated in football just like his little boy, he always wait for Len after games.
Mary Hawk- Len’s mother. She love her sun, but is not interested in football, she even did not went to games, where Len was playing. She always does homework and is helpful person.
Jane Leary- Len’s girlfriend. She is polite, smart, opened and wealthy family daughter. She had sex with Len once and after went pregnant.
Frank James and Bill- Len’s friends. They are colliers, workings down the pit, sometimes are boozy, and they also like to play darts.
David S. Leary- Jane’s father. He owns paper mills up Bank Side. Board director at the Town. He does not like Len, so he do everything to separate these two youngsters.
Clifford Anderson- Town manager. Good people, who give Len airs in real football life. He is trainer of Town football club, respectable person who expecting a lot from Len and trust to his strength.
Mr.Rowley- Len’s teacher. Old and fat man. His opinion about Leonard- it is crime that a boy with his brains should waste so much time playing football.
Clare Rowley- Mr. Rowley wife. She is infatuated in Len like pedophile; she had a sex with Lennie twice in her house.

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