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  • Talks about People in Afghanistan and Is about the Different Wars and if War Is Necessary


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Publicēts: 28.04.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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People today still question war and believe it is a colossal mistake. It is true that many people die and most deaths might have been prevented if we did not fight in wars. However, what they fail to realize is, people must die for what they believe sometimes. Our country is free and that is because our military pays the price for America's citizens who get to watch television, listen to the radio, wear shorts and halter tops, put on our high heels, and dance to enjoy life while we can. They have given their lives in the past, so people would be allowed to speak their minds about war, and protest if they are against something. We as Americans take everything for granted. Today people think that everything is free and our lives will go smoothly. Well, it will not. War is going to happen. But man is the one who causes it in the first place, and we have to finish what we start. Peace will only happen when everyone agrees, and in a world like ours, well that is an impossible thing. We will always be at war, because we have been at war since Adam and Eve were created. There has always been a raging war between good and evil, and in this case I hope that good is victorious.…

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