Publicēts: 27.01.2006.
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I choose George Orwell “Why I Write” because I like this written work very much. He writes about your self, how he chooses about writing his works. How his life influences his works. I like the way how he improves it.
He lived in times, when were wars and there were no peace in the world. He says, “My literary ambitions were mixed up with the feeling of being isolated and undervalued.” He was very lonely maybe because he was the middle child of three and he barely saw his father before he was eight and there were some another reasons about what he don’t want to tell us. He was unpopular throughout his schooldays. I think that he was ‘queer fish’ and we know that from the people who are quite we can expect everything. He writes, “I knew that when I grew up I should be a writer.” In my opinion, that means that he had a goal in his childhood and he in quietude wanted to reach it. Every person has his own goal what he wants to became, but many of them it changes. I remember that in my childhood I wanted to become a shop-girl, I thought that it is the best work in the world, because I thought that these girls gets everything for free. When I grow-up my goals were change every year, one year I wanted to become a veterinarian doctor, then lawyer and so on, but I never think that I will learn English. That’s why I admire that writer, he knew in his childhood what he wants to became and he reached his goal. He writes, “There was the made-to-order stuff which I produced quickly, easily and without much pleasure to myself.” I can not make-to-order stuff works, I think that it is quite difficult to do something what you do not want. I think that it is very hard, but for him it did not. …

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