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1.In pursuit of this goal, the rights of the private sector, and in particular of private entrepreneurs, must be expanded, and the role of the state in managing economic activities must be limited, in particular in those sectors of the economy in which private property is more effective (The Economist, May 19-25, 2001) – uzņēmēji.
2.Discrimination against specific property forms would not be permitted, and all property forms would be ensured equal working conditions (The Economist, May 19-25, 2001) – īpašums.
3.Analysis of the share of private capital in terms of value added in various sectors of the economy (Table 1) shows that the amount of product output and supply of services has increased annually, both in terms of overall value and in comparison to the contributions of the public sector (The New York Times, May 29, 2001) – privātīpašums.
4.In privatization of apartments in Latvia, most people pay for them with vouchers (The Baltic Review, Volume 20) – privatizācijas sertifikāti.
5.Foreign investors have international relationships; they create linkages between domestically owned enterprises (Business Central Europe, March 2001) – radīt ciešas saiknes.
6.Thus DEs have not achieved progress in profit level despite employees downsizing and labor cost decrease (Newsweek, May 28, 2001) – atlaišana no darba.
7.For a considerable time, in progress have been negotiations to set up, with the USA company NRG Energy as a partner, of a joint venture (Newsweek, May 28, 2001) – kopuzņēmums.
8.Seemingly, it is more reasonable to merge with a partner than to let themselves be overtaken, one by one or by chunks, by Finnish or Swedish companies (EuroBusiness, January 2001) - lielas kompānijas.…

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