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  • Eseja 'Crime and Punishment', 1.
  • Eseja 'Crime and Punishment', 2.
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According to definitions given in Encyclopedia “Wikipedia” crime in a broad sense is an act that violates a political or moral law of any one person or social grouping. In the narrow sense, a crime is a violation of criminal law; in many nations, there are criminal standards of bad behavior. However, not all violations of the law are considered crimes, for example most traffic violations or breaches of contract. And punishment is the practice of imposing something unpleasant on a wrongdoer as a response to something unwanted that the wrongdoer has done. In psychological terms this is known as "positive punishment". "Negative punishment", on the other hand, is when something is removed from or denied to the punisher. A prisoner, for example, is both positively and negatively punished. He has an unpleasant thing imposed on him and also his freedom is removed.
Frequently we can hear from old people saying: „in our generation it was differently, better...” …

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