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  • Eseja 'Do You Think Thackeray has Portrayed a Godless World in "Vanity Fair"?', 1.
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In the 19th century in Victorian period of English literature one of the movements was realism where the main theme was persons struggle for material values as money and thoughtless pursuit of success dominate the world. All merits and virtues, which were important before, became evaluated in money. In the society were seen person’s richness, and not their good points of personality. Such characteristics leads to thoughts, that the world depicted by W. M. Thackeray in “Vanity Fair” was godless, in other words, moral values were no more important.
Thackeray called his novel “A Novel without a Hero”, because every personage in “Vanity Fair” had its own vanity, his personal struggle, and could not be put forward as a lead. He portrayed society as one unit, and did not propose one hero. W. M. Thackeray described society with one specific feature- external or internal, physical or psychological vanity. …

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