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Investigation into Osmosis in Potato Cells
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Publicēts: 13.04.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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I think that the investigation went very well overall. I think that my results were quite accurate, as my line of best fit on has no anomalous points, they all line up reasonably accurately. This is because my measuring equipment was very accurate. I think that the method used worked very well as it provided the results needed. I think that I have got enough evidence for my experiment, as I managed to draw a clear graph from them.
A better approach to the experiment I did would be to use a thermostat-controlled room to do the experiment in. This would mean that there would definitely be only one variable, and fluctuations in outside temperature would not be able to affect the experiment's results. Although I do not know whether temperature affects osmosis it would ensure that there was only one variable when I did my experiment. I could also have improved my experiment by using a burette to measure out the solutions, as this measures in millimetres. I could also have used more accurate measuring equipment than a top-pan balance for example one that measures to more decimal places so would give me even more accurate results. To get more evidence to support my prediction I could try different concentrations of glucose solution, for example I could use concentrations above 20% or with smaller differences between them, for example instead of 5% differences I could use 1% differences.

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