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  • What Are the Implications for Social policy of the Changes which Have Occurred in Structure and Dynamics of Family Life in Britain over the Past Thirty Years?


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Publicēts: 27.05.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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From the evidence discussed one can see that changes that have occurred within the family in Britain over the past thirty years have had a profound effect upon the formation and delivery of social policy. Social Policy is meant to "protect citizens against economic risk and poverty" and it was developed when family life was considerably different and gender roles were more defined and traditional. The structure of the family has changed that it is now almost impossible to try and still use the male bread winner model as foundation for creating social policy that affects the family. Although children may still be dependants of their father's, women are not dependants of their husband's or partner. However, there is still evidence that there is a two tiered system when it comes to the provision of welfare for single men and women. Men receive employment related benefit yet single mothers are stigmatised for the benefit hey receive is means and moral tested-it heavily depends upon how much the have and will contribute to the social security system. However, in order to try and resolve the problems occurring with the changing structure of the family, it is clear that social policy has a major role to play. It would be too difficult to change the parameters of the labour market, what with it being largely affected by external factors such as the economy, therefore social policy must act to ensure that the incentive to work is not reduced but that the incentive to engage in the family and voluntary welfare system remains high.…

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