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  • A Sociology Essay That Required Me to Look at an Aspect of Popular Culture (Cosmetics) and Explain what It Says about the Consumers and Their Society.


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Publicēts: 08.06.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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The diversity of aesthetic glorification suggests that our society believes that 'surfaces, images and superficial impressions are more important than other qualities' (Finkelstein, 1994:26) Women internalise a myriad of messages from it's society in regards to how they should look, through the media and popular social ideals that influences their behaviour and decision to wear make up. Magazines glamourise women who have 'succeeded' once they appear on television sitcoms and hollywood movies, creating idols and icons for young girls to look up to. Females are taught from an early age that beauty in conjunction with financial gain is the ultimate symbol of accomplishment. Currently, we are flooded by mass media that shows various representations of 'real life' (Wolf, 1990). Our society's tendency to idolise 'beautiful' women over this century can be traced by the infamous icon status of Marilyn Monroe in the 1940's, Twiggy in the 70's and Madonna in the 90's, all of whom transformed 'beauty' and set new ideals for women to aspire to. Airbrushing, cosmetic surgery and computer alteration 'corrects' even the most 'ideal' female bodies in Hollywood movies and fashion magazines. …

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