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  • The Role of Title IX in Collegiate Sports - Is it Truly Providing Gender Equity?


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Publicēts: 28.12.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Collegiate football is a major contributor of sexual inequality in collegiate sports. In Division I-A athletic programs, men's football and basketball take up the majority of the budget, and occassionaly in return produce the department's revenue. However, in many cases, the total expenditure, which would include helmets, uniforms, expensive knee surgeries, food, and hotel bills, does not meet the income. This expense excludes the need for tutors and counselors required to support the academically deficient athletes football tends to include (Bender). An interesting fact that is rarely considered is that 80% of all football teams lose money (Gooden). "Although football is by no means a money-maker for Division I-AA schools" (O'Connor). Judy Sweet, the NCAA president, states, "If you took football totally out of the mix, the number of scholarships for men and women would be equal-maybe even more for women" (Sweet).
The NCAA has a direct effect on the life of every collegiate athlete. (In the last six months I have been recruited by colleges along the east coast of America, since I am a top state female golfer and represent Virginia at numerous events.…

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