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Publicēts: 28.04.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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It is of the utmost importance that governments strictly respect the role and authority of the WTO's dispute settlement mechanism. Governments would seek to resolve disputes through negotiation rather than litigation; and, when formal adjudication proves unavoidable, they would implement the decisions rather than resort to compensatory or retaliatory measures.
Towards this end, WTO, as the organization representing business across all sectors and all parts of the world, will intensify its efforts to broaden the global business dialogue on the multilateral trade agenda, particularly between business in industrialized and developing countries, in order to assist WTO member governments and their delegations in Geneva in reaching consensus by providing world business input into their work.
'After six months of almost complete paralysis, it seems that the DDA negotiation is gathering speed again. An informal deadline has been fixed at the end on July to set up a framework for the principal subjects, namely agriculture: it remains to be seen if this is feasible, and what will be the content of the so-called framework.'(WTO, Doha Work Program: Decision Adopted by the General Council on August 3,2004, See also WTO: July Framework Agreed at Eleventh Hour, Bridges Weekly Trade News Digest, vol. 8, No. 27, Aug. 3, 2004.)
But this will be only a half-full, half-empty glass : afterwards, the real business of trading off the different subjects, including those that have been left aside up to now, like anti-dumping and the relationship between trade and environment, will have to be done. For this, lots of conditions have to be met, the least of them being a good dose of political input from every single partner.

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