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Publicēts: 14.04.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Where it all started........
The origins of the theatre date back to the fifth century bc, although it has also been argued that the ancient Egyptians may have been conducting there own dramas as early as 3ooobc there is no hardcore evidence that this is true, as said by Aristotle a crowning of a king is a firm reality not an imitation and a play is an imitation of an action [drama] not an action its self. The theatre however derives from religious acts or worship i.e. deaths, births and even resurrection these were preformed by priests who would of wore animal skins to perform the ritchuals and The word drama is Greek for action, related to the verb dran 'to do'. So if it is ever revealed that they didn't start the first play the definitely invented the word drama.
Theatre was a civic responsibility: writers and actors helped the people confront current political and religious problems.
The Chorus, Dithyramb And Play........
The chorus consisted of fifty men [as women were not allowed to take part in the theatre at the time] all from different tribes of Attica there role was to bring you the story of the drama but not in the normal form of narration The first function of a tragic chorus was to chant an entrance song called a Parodos as they marched into the orchestra there they would act out there lines wearing masks and costumes and all if not the same very similar in design Then they would deliver the Dithyramb {a unison hymn] whilst they were stood around the alter of Dionysus. …

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