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"The Bourne Supremacy" by Robert Ludlum
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Publicēts: 31.10.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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„The Bourne Supremacy” by Robert Ludlum was first published in 1986. It was the sequel to Ludlum’s bestseller „The Bourne Identity”. This thriller novel has been adapted into movie of the same name in 2004 starring Matt Damon, althought the film has a completly different plot from the novel.
The novel begins as Bourne, who after recovering from his ordeals in the first book is now employed as a professor at a university in Maine. Edward McAllister; a government analyst, is sent to warn Bourne that his wife Marie and him are in danger after Bourne's file is found to be missing. In a couple of days Bourne's extra guards are mysteriously pulled and when he returns home he finds his wife missing, a bloody hand print on the wall, and a note typed with his typewriter saying:
"A wife for a wife, Jason Bourne. She is wounded but not dead, as mine is dead. You know where to find me, and her, if you are circumspect and fortunate. Perhaps we can do business, for I have enemies, too. If not, what is the death of one more daughter?"…

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