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Publicēts: 06.05.2006.
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Southwest has several Award programs the set them apart from other airlines. These rewards are called Rapid Rewards and begin to accrue with each flight. After eight round- trips in a twelve month period you can fly anywhere in the US free. These rewards are tracked by the airlines and are automatic. Once the patrons have earned their rewards Southwest will sent notification in the form of award letter and number to use at the airport, no tickets required. You can benefit from Rapid Rewards Preferred Partner Program even if you are not a frequent flyer by using service of the companies that do business with Southwest. Members who accrue 100 credits in twelve months can receive a Companion Pass. The Companion Pass allows a companion to fly with or without you when and where they want in the US for a whole year. The nice thing about all of the Reward programs is that they are transferable to whom ever you care to give them to and they can be used on any flight without restrictions and with every reward you receive free drink coupons.
Southwest is constantly using new innovation to improve the comfort of its customers. It latest addition is the Boeing 737-700. Its interior was designed without cabin dividers, roomier leg room and larger overhead storage. These are all aimed to please the customer and keep them coming back.

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