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Publicēts: 04.11.2008.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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In conclusion, because someone has fame doesn’t mean he has no right to privacy. I think that journalists in general are in peoples' faces all the time and should realize that their behavior constitutes harassment of the very worse kind. Obviously, there are people who want to know about every single thing in a celebrity’s life and there are more serious stories that need to be reported, but there does come a point where lines have to be drawn for the sake of common decency (something that paparazzi and journalists don't have). For example, when Fergie was topless and having her toes sucked, she was sitting half a mile away from a high wall. Would any of the paparazzi want such intimate photos of themselves or their families splashed across newspapers - no! When Diana lay dying in her car, the paparazzi showed extremely bad taste in taking pictures of her in the car but this is when the line is crossed and not for better, only for titillation!

The saddest part is that most people don't care about the distress that is caused by this extreme invasion of privacy. Famous people have to accept a certain amount of invasion of their privacy but paparazzi go way beyond what is acceptable. Unfortunately, it is the newspapers that encourage this and strict legal guidelines should be put in place. It is just a shame that people are so greedy that this has to be done.

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