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My America
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Publicēts: 06.08.2004.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Lastly, I perceive an inherent flaw within our rapidly increasing population and the resulting disastrous environmental effects. While other countries cannot afford this, Americans have the luxury to be "comfortable": for the most part, we can feed ourselves and our children, keep a roof above our heads, and have little worries about our health. Therefore we also have the luxury and time to become more aware of the problems within in the world and arrogantly try to fix these problems without realizing that others are not "comfortable." For example, while we tell other countries to stop destroying their rainforest, (to keep ourselves from the environmental consequences of a decreasing rainforest), their primary concern is to keep their people fed and healthy. The base of this problem exists in the problem of population growth. It is the basic reason for hunger, poverty, pollution, dwindling resources, and global warming. The blindness of our community in recognizing this factor perpetuates the problem further. As soon as we recognize this, we will be able to put away our unnecessary arrogance.…

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