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Ethnic Enclaves in Canada: Patterns of Exclusion, Segregation, and Clustering
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Publicēts: 16.06.2006.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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In conclusion, it is evident that when formed voluntarily, ethnic neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Toronto, for the most part, function to maintain and promote strong ethnic and cultural diversity. However, if these enclaves are associated with undesirable neighbourhood qualities like exclusion and segregation, the ethnic clustering will likely encounter certain prejudices and negative effects on the social well-being on the Asian ethnic groups, as was explicitly demonstrated in the early 20th century. I believe that ethnic enclaves today continue to represent spatial and social segregation, but in a different light, as these enclaves are now an expression of Asian ethnic groups' attempts to create a community of common values, ideas, traditions, cultures, and interests, as opposed to the forced ghettorization of the past. Asian immigrants in particular have always demonstrated a strong attachment to their heritage and roots. Thus, in order to represent truly diverse, multicultural cities of the 21st century, Vancouver and Toronto must embrace the fusion and unity of different cultures in Canada, in ensuring that ethnic enclaves will never be systemically discriminated or excluded in the multicultural social fabric of Canada again.…

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