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  • Book Report. "Stacey and the Missing Ring" by Ann M.Martin


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Publicēts: 12.01.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Vidusskolas
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Protagonist of Ann M. Martins book „Stacey and the Missing Ring” is Stacey McGrill thirteen-year-old eight-grader. Stoneybrook is town where she and her mother live. Her parents decided to get a divorce, and now they lives separately. Of course, Stacey visits her dad fairly often. When they were family, they live in New York. Not long after they had moved to Stoneybrook, Stacey became a member of great club – a baby-sitting club. She had always love to baby-sit, and joining the club was like getting a whole bunch of best friends all at once.
Kristy Thomas is a president of that club, she is very punctual.
Claudia Kishi is Staceys best friend. She is the coolest dresser and most exotic-looking girl in eighth grade. Claudia is an artist, she can do any kind of art better than anyone. Vice president of club
Mary Anne Spier and Dawn Schafter are members of this club. Dawn and Mary Anne became friends at school and discovered, that their parents had once dated. And when Mrs. Schafer and Mr. Spier got together again, the rest was history. Dawn Schafer is now a stepsister to Mary Anne.…

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