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Publicēts: 29.06.2011.
Valoda: Angļu
Līmenis: Augstskolas
Literatūras saraksts: 68 vienības
Atsauces: Ir
Nr. Sadaļas nosaukums  Lpp.
  Anotācija    4
  Introduction    5
1.  A brief insight into the history of piercing practices    8
1.1.  Piercing practices in the ancient world    8
1.2.  Piercing practices in the modern society    10
2.  Importance of term equivalence in creation of piercing terminology in Latvian    13
2.1.  Types of term equivalence    13
2.2.  The degree of equivalence between terms in two languages    18
2.2.1.  Cases of non-equivalence    21
2.2.2.  Translatability vs Untranslatability    24
3.  Influences on piercing terminology in Latvian – analysis of acquired data on piercing terminology in Latvian    26
3.1.  Analysis of commonly used terms in the Latvian piercing field    28
3.2.  Influence of English on Latvian piercing terms    33
3.3.  English piercing terms having an equivalent in Latvian    39
3.4.  English piercing terms having a partial equivalent in Latvian    42
  Conclusions    47
  Bibliography    50
  Abbreviations used in the appendices    54
  Appendix #1. Commonly used piercing-related terms    56
  Appendix #2. Piercing tools and needles    58
  Appendix #3. Types of body jewelry    61
  Appendix #4. Types of body piercing    64
  Appendix #5. Interviews with Latvian piercers    76
  Appendix #6. Latvian sources of piercing terms    79
  Appendix #7. Articles in Latvian about piercing    83
  Appendix #8. Pictures of the pierced cover girl of the first issue of Sīrups and the boy with multiple face piercings    97
Darba fragmentsAizvērt

Little attention has so far been paid to piercing terminology since the terminologists have been
preoccupied with other fields, e.g., science or information technology, leaving behind terms that
are used in new and little known fields, like piercing. An example is the field – piercing – itself
since it does not have a Latvian word for it, and is transliterated: pīrsings. There has been much
criticism about the unwillingness of the youth to use Latvian and preferring English terms. It is,
however, not deserved because due to the lack of proper Latvian piercing terms developed by
piercing enthusiasts and accepted together with terminologists, the Latvian youth has created
their own Latvian equivalents thus showing their involvement and willingness to speak
“Piercing”. Unfortunately, not all are successful. It is hence a challenge for a translator when
dealing with a piercing-related text, or anyone interested in piercing, to find an appropriate term
that would be used and understood by the audience of the target language.
The objectives of this paper are:
to summarize in a glossary what piercing-related terms are being used in English and
to review theoretical sources on equivalence;
o compare and analyze whether all English terms have an appropriate equivalent in
In order to achieve these objectives the author of the paper will do the following tasks:
select and analyze theoretical sources on term equivalence;
select and analyze various sources: books, online resources, magazine and newspapers
articles, brochures, documentaries on body modification;
interview two of the best known piercers in Latvia.
For thousands of years, people form different cultures have decorated their bodies with piercing.
The oldest evidence dating back to circa 3500-2900 BC is found in the University of
Pennsylvania Museum: it is a statue from Iran, a female head with several ear piercings (Angel
2009:82). …

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